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Traveling With Your Own Experience Architect

"Where should we go?" "What should we do?" "Can we do something different than everyone else?" These are commonly asked questions for people who want to travel. The challenge is that we focus too often on destinations and focus too little on the route to get there. What do I mean? If you're going to drive two to three hours across the state, I guarantee that you'll drive by interesting places on the way. There are lots of places that most driving guides ignore. As an Indiana geography, history, and cultural heritage buff, I can help you discover these places.

In talking with others, I've learned that, like me, many people are "loopers," people who travel one route to a destination and another route home. Are you among the tribe that wanders, willing to take the side trip to see or find something interesting or obscure off the highway? As your Indiana Experience Architect, I share with you what's out there so you can loop, wander, or deepen your travel experiences.

What does this look like? It means that your college football weekend at Purdue, Wabash, DePauw, Rose-Hulman or Indiana State can be so much more with a Canyons, Colleges and Covered Bridges adventure. A trip to New Harmony, which I highly recommend, can be so much more than a visit to a state historic site. It can become an excursion to the Land of Ideals. Love transportation history? In eastern-southeastern Indiana you can experience trails, canals, railroads, cars, planes, highways and byways. It's also where the Quakers settled and established "Grand Central Station" on the Underground Railroad. No matter the mode of transportation you choose, in the Whitewater River Valley you can enjoy Traveling With Friends.

This is just scratching the surface of wandering Indiana. I've visited all 2,230 dots on Indiana's map, representing its cities, town, villages, and hamlets and wandered through the farmland and forests that connect them. In every corner of the state and everywhere in between, there's a dot and each has a special story. I've been seeking them for decades.

In building a house, you work with an architect to design your home. Now, when you travel, you can work with the Experience Architect to help you turn spaces, places, and paths into memories. I want to use my story to help you create your own adventure. Get in your car or truck and start enjoying LifeOffTheHighway.


Pictures (Top row left to right):

Medora Covered Bridge, Medora | Wayne Trace Historic Marker, Hoagland | Howe Mansion, Howe Military Academy, Howe

(Second row) Laramie Creek, CR 800 S, Lafayette | Boone County Courthouse, Lebanon | Dunn's Bridge, Kouts

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