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Travel Activities:

Help make the journey the destination with these FREE downloadable activity sheets and other ideas for road trip fun for all ages.

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FREE Downloadable travel activity pages:
Scavenger Hunts

Download these scavenger hunts that are fun for anyone. Enjoy your wandering and learn to notice and celebrate all that's around you on the way.


Click the download button below, share your email, then choose from a menu of scavenger hunt themes that includes:

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Transportation Scavenger Hunt

City and Town Names Scavenger Hunt

Big Cities Scavenger Hunt

Farm and Agriculture Scavenger Hunt

Buildings Scavenger Hunt

Miscellaneous Structures Scavenger Hunt

Parks and Recreation Scavenger Hunt

Road and Traffic Sign Scavenger Hunt

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More travel game ideas:
Auto Travel Games

A-Z Alphabet Game. This classic road trip game is a fun game to play for all ages because anyone can play as long as they can identify letters A-Z outside their window! The game is played by finding all 26 letters of the alphabet on things that you pass as you are going down the highway, in order, from A to Z. Once you see the next letter, call it out.  You can work together as a group, and play as long as you want.

  First Option: Look for objects that start with the letters. Look for trees, roads, poles, ramps, and more.   

Second Option: Look for words that start with the letters. Check out billboards, roadside signs, lettering on vehicles, restaurant signs -- anything! Sometimes Q, X, and Z can be challenging so agree on the rules and have fun. 


License Plate Game. Go through the alphabet A-Z or Z-A using the letters on the license plates you pass on the road.


Spot the Car/Truck Brands. See who can spot the different automotive/truck vehicle brands (example: Chevrolet, Toyota, BMW, GMC) along the roadway. Write them down and write the name of the person beside the brand name. See who can find the most.

Second Option: Write down the models, not just the brands. For example, Nissan cars - Versa, Sentra, Rogue, Altima, Leaf, Maxima. SUVs - Murano, Pathfinder, Armada. Trucks - Frontier, Titan.

Geography Games

City, Country, River. Pick a letter from the alphabet and come up with a city, country and river that starts with the letter. For example ‘S’ could be City: Salzburg, Country: Sweden, River: Shenandoah.


States and Capitals. See if you can name all 50 U.S. states from memory and write them down. Then try to name the corresponding state capitals.  


Countries and Capitals. See if you can name all the countries on a continent from memory or a blank map you can find online and write them down. Then try to name the corresponding national capitals.  

Mind Your Maps. Lookup lists of the largest cities, longest rivers, tallest mountains, longest bridges, and other ideas by states, countries, and the world. Then locate them on a map and read about them.

Be The Navigator

Turn off the voice commands on your smartphone or vehicle’s GPS navigation system. Choose a passenger to ‘be the navigator.’ That person has to calculate mileage, provide turn-by-turn directions, and keep the driver on track to the next stop.

Want to share your favorite road trip game? Send me a note!
Travel Stories

You are invited to follow along with my personal Life Off The Highway. On the blog, I share how I wander. And all the wonder I find along the way.

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