Develop Local Treasures

Cultural Heritage Tourism is the intersection of culture, heritage, and tourism - celebrating who we are, preserving our past, and marketing our assets and stories. Does your community (or region) have assets that can be transformed into marketable products that tourists want to visit? As a teacher and consultant, I help groups understand the importance and power of cultural heritage tourism as a key element of community and economic development.  


  • What cultural heritage assets already exist?

  • What stories can you tell? 

  • What is their tourism potential?

  • Can you make them come alive?


  • Are stakeholders behind the effort?

  • Are your products and experiences well-developed?

  • Do your amenities support the plan? 


  • Have you identified the target market?

  • How will you market your products and experiences? 

  • Does your local community welcome travelers and visitors?   

Here are some tools to guide your community's efforts – 

Cultural Heritage Tourism(CHT) Framework 

Building sustainable cultural heritage tourism is hard work. I use a proprietary CHT Framework to help guide the development process:   

  • What cultural assets do you have?  

  • What types of tourists should you target?  

  • What products and experiences do you have to develop and offer?  

  • What amenities exist or need to be developed? 

  • Who are the key stakeholders supporting your local or regional efforts?

SOAR Planning Method

A positive planning method that focuses on what you do best and how to replicate it.

  • Strengths

  • Opportunities

  • Aspirations

  • Results

Asset-Based Community Development(ABCD) Inventory   

A key step is to identify the social and physical assets that already exist in your community or region.

  • Institutional

  • Economic

  • Organizational

  • Individual 

These assets can be leveraged to support sustainable cultural heritage tourism, contribute to economic growth, and strengthen communities.